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Forage Sales


Forage sales were a natural expansion to my business, having the machinery required to produce large quantities of quality hay, haylage and straw.

I could see a market for delivering, high quality hay, haylage & straw and at the same time providing a reliable service that customers can depend on.

I supply Hay & Haylage that I maintain & perform all operations, so I know the quality & all inputs, giving me the confidence of the products I'm supplying.

Forage available :-

Meadow Hay            -   Conventional Bales - sold seperatly or in packs of 21

Wheat Straw          -   Conventional Bales - sold seperatly or in packs of 21

Barley Straw              -   Conventional Bales - sold seperatly or in packs of 21

Ryegrass Haylage  -   Euro Bale (130kg approx.)

                                  -   Small Bales in 9 packs & wrapped

For price, availibility, delivery information & all other enquiries please contact via :-




   or PM on facebook

Meadow Hay in conventional bales
Wheat straw in storage barn
Euro bale Haylage (125kg)
Small Bale Straw in Bale Baron packs
Ryegras Haylage - Euro bales (130kg)
Ryegras Haylage - 9 pack
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