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My Business & Services

I offer a comprehensive range of services, with modern & well maintained equipment.

Hay contracting services, conventional baled & packed into packs of 21's, can be taylored to your specific requirements, from a complete service (mowing through to cart & stack) or just bale & pack.

Haylage contracting, in Euro bales, can also be taylored to your specific requirements as well.

Straw baling sevice, in conventional bales & packed into packs of 21's.

Grassland maintenance is an important part of keeping grazing & hay meadows in shape, stimulating growth & quality forage.

Grass cutting & Hedgecutting is also a major part of work undertaken.

Hay, Straw & Haylage Contracting
Hay, Straw & Haylage Sales
Hedge Cutting   & Paddock Maintenance
Latest News 
Hay Packs - Storage barn full of Hay
Ryegrass Haylage - in Euro Bales
Ryegrass Haylage - in 9 packs

Barley Straw - in Bale Baron packs

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